Our current range of solutions based on our innovative Cognitive Video Analysis are the following:


CaddyCheck® Check Out

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Drives cashier compliance by detecting items left in, under or behind shopping carts at the checkout. When an item is detected, the employee is notified in real time of the need to act, recovering the goods for payment at the POS. Also counts all carts to give true traffic overview per checkout and store. Ignores empty carts to improve efficiency.

CaddyCheck® Trolley Basket

Caddycheck Trolley Basket

Trolley baskets can be subject to high levels of theft. CaddyCheck® detects wheeled shopping baskets being taken through the checkout and notifies the employee of the need to act.

CaddyCheck® Push Out

Caddycheck Push Out

Push Out detects carts leaving through unauthorised exit points such as store entrances, back office areas, delivery docks, employee entrances etc. Alerts can be sent remotely to any staff members e.g. security. All events are recorded and logged with time and date stamps.

CaddyCheck® Self Check

Caddycheck Self Check

The powerful algorithm that drives CaddyCheck® is capable of observing and measuring almost any movement. False scan actions at POS can be identified to highlight incorrect or fraudulent scanning techniques such as sweethearting.