An Unseen Opportunity

Profits are literally pushed past the checkout and out of Food Retail stores every day.

A true value added loss prevention solution, CaddyCheck® delivers proactive cart monitoring that Boosts Profit, Reduces Shrink and Improves Compliance.

CaddyCheck® has analysed more then 10 million shopping carts and clients have already recovered over €5 million in sales in multiple store formats.

Why CaddyCheck® ?

Simply put, here at CaddyCheck® we´re committed to understanding your business and making it more profitable through truly innovative solutions.

Adopting Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Solutions to automate cart control in a store immediately cuts on-cart theft, in some cases practically to zero. Checkout efficiency improves. Real Time alerts only identify carts carrying potentially unpaid goods.

Return on investment is typically less then 12 months.

How can we help your business improve its bottom line?

The Retailers Challenge

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    Unpaid goods

    In Europe, 35% of customers, have been observed to leave unpaid goods in the cart basket when pasing the checkout

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    Traditional tools

    Traditional tools (mirrors, lenses) are passive, inconsistent and ineffective. Cashiers control as few as 26% of carts.

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    Annual total loss value

    The annual value of unpaid merchandise left in or under shopping carts at every checkout can be as high as €6000

The Problem

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    Checking shopping trolley

    Theft occurs daily on ALL shopping cart designs when staff fail to control them at the checkout. Reducing on-cart theft can boost profitability by 10% per lane.

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    Not reliable

    Most affected SKU’s are not electronically tagged. If they are, most EAS detection will fail if items are too close to the ground. Also, metal cart baskets completely shield tags, making them useless.

CaddyCheck© proactively alerts cashiers to act and enables consistent and efficient compliance management.

Show me how

The Solution: CaddyCheck®

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    Automated Cart Monitoring 24 / 7

    Real Time Automated Cart Monitoring works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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    Detects & alerts

    Cashiers receive an alert to check ONLY when items are present on the cart. Empty carts are ignored to improve cashier efficiency and throughput at the POS.

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    Compliance Reporting

    All events time and date stamped for comparative analysis

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