An Unseen Opportunity

Profits are literally pushed past the checkout and out of Food Retail stores every day.

A true value added loss prevention solution, CaddyCheck® delivers proactive cart monitoring that Boosts Profit, Reduces Shrink and Improves Compliance.

CaddyCheck® clients have already recovered over €2 million in sales in multiple store formats.

Why CaddyCheck® ?

Simply put, here at CaddyCheck® we´re committed to understanding your business and making it more profitable through truly innovative solutions.

Using a unique Cognitive Video Analytics engine, all solutions deliver real time alerts, a significant advantage over alternatives that commonly require significant post analysis before actions can be taken.

How can we help your business improve its bottom line?

The Retailers Challenge

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    Unpaid goods

    Up to 10% of shopping carts carry undetected, unseen and unpaid goods past the checkout

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    Traditional tools

    Traditional tools (mirrors, lenses) are passive, inconsistent and ineffective

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    Annual total loss value

    The annual value of unpaid merchandise left in or under shopping carts at every checkout can be as high as €6000

The Problem

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    Checking shopping trolley

    When staff fails to check every cart at the POS, losses occur

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    Not reliable

    EAS systems don’t detect under carts, larger merchandise isn´t tagged

CaddyCheck© proactively alerts cashiers to act and enables consistent and efficient compliance management.

Show me how

The Solution: CaddyCheck®

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    Monitoring 24 / 7

    100% of carts and baskets monitored at POS

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    Detects & alerts

    Cashiers notified in real time

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    Compliance Reporting

    All events time and date stamped for comparative analysis

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